Recreational rooms have become more and more common, as well as sophisticated, in custom residential dwellings in recent years due to client demand for larger and more complex homes. Some of the most popular recreational rooms in the past few years consist of cigar rooms, weight rooms, gymnasiums, and theatres to name a few. As this trend continues more and more intricate mechanical designs consisting of specialized heating and cooling conditioning equipment will have to be addressed.

At GTA Designs we work with consultants, distributors, and manufacturers to give our clients the ideal heating and cooling systems that fit their needs as well as striving to achieve the highest efficiency possible to reduce our environmental footprint. The relationships that we have cultivated with these various consultants and manufacturers allows us to access the latest equipment and newest design methods. Using this knowledge we can design different mechanical applications with the most up to date and efficient conditioning equipment available on the market so our clients can continue to be comfortable in any recreational rooms they choose.

Recreation Design - Cigar Bar

Recreation Design - Pool

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