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At gtaDesigns, we believe in communicating with our clients to help develop an HVAC design that fits their needs while staying within budget needs of the client…Our Designers will take into consideration your Long Term Goals, whether it may be a Custom Home with exclusive requests or a Typical renovation to your home.

Special attention is placed towards the location of the furnace as this can greatly affect the cost of installing and running the heating/cooling system. Depending on where the furnace is located, supply/return ductwork may utilize more material and extra fittings which can unnecessarily raise the price of the HVAC design. The design can consist of anything ranging from a basic duct design layout to a complex multi-system design that utilizes green heating and cooling technologies.

No matter which HVAC system you choose, it must be sized properly for your home to operate at maximum efficiency. If you select a unit that’s too small or too large, you can reduce system efficiency by 30 percent, increase your utility bills, and shorten the life of the unit. Our HVAC Designers will complete a heat loss/gain calculation to size the proper equipment for your home before installing your new HVAC unit. This will help you determine the heating and cooling needs for your home and ensure that you choose the perfect unit size.  Our knowledge about the HVAC Industry and relations with HVAC Manufacturers, Distributers and Contractors keep our Designers updated with the most current technology on the market.  Ultimately, our designers will cater to your needs and recommend a system that fits within your Budget.

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